Ja Rule Wants to Put on Another Music Festival Like Fyre Festival

Netflix and Hulu’s documentaries recently detailed the infamous festival. Billy McFarland, founder of Fyre Festival, was sentenced to six years in prison for wire fraud and making false statements to law enforcement. Ja Rule, a co-founder of Fyre Festival, has denied all liability. The rapper said that he is in the process of planning another festival.

Cardi B Releases New Song With Bruno Mars

Cardi B is back. The rapper came back to Instagram to reveal artwork for her upcoming collaboration with Bruno Mars. Cardi B deactivated her Instagram account on Feb. 11, following criticism over her Grammys win for best rap album. Before deleting her account, Cardi posted a video for her critics.

Offset Releases New Single and Video for ‘Red Room’

Offset Releases New Single and Video for ‘Red Room’ The new track will appear on Offset’s upcoming album. The Migos member’s first solo project will be released Feb. 22. The video for “Red Room” features various scenes from Offset’s life, including his massive car accident in May 2018.

YNW Melly Charged With Two Counts of Murder

YNW Melly, real name Jamell Maurice Demons, has been charged with murdering two of his “best friends.” In October of 2018, Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr. died after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds. The rapper, who still maintains his innocence, took to Instagram to let fans know he was turning himself in.

21 Savage Says He Was Targeted by ICE

The rapper gave his first interview since being released with ‘Good Morning America’ and said he was “definitely targeted.” He recalled that he was never told he was being taken into custody. He also discussed his life in Atlanta despite originally being from the UK.

Kanye West Pulls out of Condo Purchase

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West have pulled out of their purchase of a $14 million holiday home in Miami Beach, FL. The couple has now decided to look elsewhere due to privacy concerns. The couple was photographed while on the balcony of the Miami Beach mansion. West will lose the $600,000 down payment he made on the property when he reserved it as a Christmas gift for Kim. According to TMZ, they’re looking into property in other tropical destinations that their whole family will be able to enjoy. The main priority of their dream home is somewhere private and secluded.

Nicki Minaj Claps Back at Tomi Lahren for Comment About 21 Savage’s Arrest

Following 21 Savage’s ICE arrest, Tomi Lahren took to Twitter to parody the rapper’s lyrics to his song, “Bank Account.” The tweet caught the attention of many in support of 21 Savage, including rapper Nicki Minaj. Lahren replied by stating that it all comes down to the law. Cardi B also has an ongoing feud with the conservative political commentator.

21 Savage Confirms He Was Born in the UK

The “Bank Account” rapper said through reps that he moved to the U.S. when he was seven years old. The 26-year-old, real name Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, was arrested by ICE over the weekend for overstaying his visa. The rapper admitted his visa expired in 2006 “through no fault of his own” He claims once he discovered that he required a visa, he applied for one in 2017.

Representative for 21 Savage, via statement Savage’s lawyer has since called the arrest a “civil law violation.” The lawyer adds that ICE is trying to “force” Savage to leave the country. Savage has currently not been charged with anything, but the status regarding his deportation case remains unknown.Representative for 21 Savage, via statement According to his legal team, Savage’s fame could make it easier for him to get a Green Card.

Jay-Z Hires Legal Help for 21 Savage’s Battle Against ICE

After the recent reveal that 21 Savage is originally from the UK, Jay-Z and Roc Nation have hired attorney Alex Spiro to help free the rapper from the custody of ICE. Spiro vowed he will not stop until the rapper “is released, bonded out, or in front of a judge.” Jay-Z called 21 Savage’s detainment an “absolute travesty.” 21 Savage’s team said the rapper legally came to the U.S. at the age of 7 and lost his legal status in 2006 “through no fault of his own.” The rapper’s manager said Savage is currently “in lockdown for 23 hours of the day.” Artists like Cardi B, Nicki Minaj and ASAP Rocky have also shown support for 21 Savage.

Cardi B’s ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ Photo Shoot Hints at Nicki Minaj Fight

Cardi B is now a Harper’s cover girl. The photo shoot features Cardi B in a red gown similar to the one she wore at ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ Fashion Week party. The rapper got into an infamous fight with Minaj at the party in September. Cardi threw her shoe at Minaj after she reportedly stepped on her gown’s train. Cardi left the party without her shoes, a ripped dress and a lump over her eye. The two have been feuding ever since, with references to each other in song lyrics, music videos and Instagram posts.

Drake, Childish Gambino and Kendrick Lamar Shot Down Grammy Performance Offers

According to producer Ken Ehrlich, the artists were all offered individual performance slots, but declined the invitations and may not even be attending the Grammys. Their absences will be a hard blow to the award show as the three artists hold 20 nominations collectively, in major categories such as album of the year, record of the year and song of the year. Ehrlich believes the artists’ refusal to participate is indicative of an ongoing problem with the lack of diversity present at the awards show. The problem runs much deeper, with multiple artists citing a white-washed system that fails to represent black artists. In 2017, Drake joined Frank Ocean and Kanye West in boycotting the Grammys, with Ocean opting to not even submit his albums for award consideration.