Nicki Minaj Blocked Meek Mill on Instagram

During an #AskMeek Twitter session on Sunday, Mill was asked how he felt about Minaj’s new boyfriend, Kenneth Petty. Mill said that he didn’t feel any particular way about it and then decided to check Minaj’s page for the latest buzz. To his surprise, he was blocked from viewing the page. The active block sheds light on Minaj’s accusations in her song, “Barbie Dreams.” Nicki Minaj, via “Barbie Dreams” In an interview with ‘Vulture’ last month, Mill denied the lyric. Meek Mill, to ‘Vulture’ If Mill is blocked by Minaj, then there’s no way he could have been in her DMs. Controversy has surrounded Minaj and her new boyfriend, Petty, who is a registered sex offender and also served time for manslaughter. Minaj came to Petty’s defense. Nicki Minaj, via Instagram

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